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114th Canton Fair kicks off

Release Date : 2013-10-20 15:57:16   Click : 759

The 114th China Import and Export Fair, commonly known as the Canton Fair, will swing open its doors. Since 1957 the semi-annual trade fair, held in Guangdong Province, has attracted world class buyers and exhibitors from across the globe.

Handcarts rattling along with hammers and drills rumbling this is the last day of preparations before the 114th Canton Fair officially kicks off..

CNBM International, a leader in the Chinese building materials industry, is putting the final touches to the exhibition.

Earlier today the China Foreign Trade Center held a press conference. During which the spokesman of the Canton Fair talked about Zhang Jianan’s outlook.

"We send mkt investigation teams to both developed and developing regions. We do this to promote fairness and search for buyers. We also encourage exhibitors to invite their clients to the fair and analyse the characteristics of major buyer countries." Liu Jianjun, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Center said.

The evolution of the Canton Fair has been dramatic since its inception in 1957. Its scale, especially in terms of trade volumes have sky-rocketed as China’s economic miracle took off.